About My Grampa’s Store



Established in 1909

Memories are made of this . . .

Remember the “olden” days when your whole world  revolved around how to spend your allowance at the local candy store?
Well, if you’re over 50-something and  under 80-something and you lived in the neighborhood around Ogden and St. Francis Xavier Schools, you probably crowded up to the candy counter at Hank’s to make that important decision. It was a hard choice; penny candy as far as the eye could see and higher priced stuff too!  Hank probably knew you by name and his patience was legendary.  The kids flocked there and were served justice, humor and sweets in equal proportions.
Hank is gone but the corner store survives along with the familiar banter and friendly atmosphere.  Gina is the new-generation-Morello owner and carries on the tradition, and has added her own signature bakery items. The old Cottage Delicatessen has been spiffed up and renamed “My Grampa’s Store”, but its soul- and the candy counter – remains the same.

Gina Morello is the owner/ operator of this local old- fashioned, neighborhood store, which re-opened its doors in 1993. Building on 70 years of family tradition Gina has added unique, must see, cakes, cupcakes and cookies as well as fresh homemade party trays, salads and hand-stacked deli sandwiches to the already famous “corner store” fare.